Other Components

Screw Jacks

  • Weingrill screw jacks have been used by the thousands for over thirty years in most varied industrial application, with excellent functional and durability results.
  • Numerous applications, sizes and executions in Stainless Steel allow Weingrill to be able to reply at any installation requirements.
  • Sizes from 5 to 1500 kN.
  • Operation can be either manual or motorized.
  • Worm or two pinion bevel gear screw, with V-thread or ball bearing lifting screw.
  • Combined with hydraulic piston.
  • Equipments:
    - Diameters, pitches and end dimensions on request.
    - Anti-backlash feature and anti-rotation system.
    - Additional guides and mechanical stops.
    - Special screw to wheel ratios.
    - Electric limit switches and position detection system.
    - Centesimal dial indicator for direct stroke reading.
    - Swinging mounting features.
    - Conventional and special hand operated hand wheel with gravitational dial indicator or ratche
    - Supports or coupling for direct motor assembly.
    - Gear reducers, transmission shafts and couplings for dual or multiple connections.


Weingrill micro actuator have been used for over twenty years in headbox slice lip profiling applications.

  • Complete anti corrosion and water proof execution.
  • Capacity 450 daN.
  • Manual type.
    - Manual control.
    - Centesimal dial indicator for position display.
  • Motorized type.
    - Drive with motor 24/115 Vdc or Vac.
    - Position feedback by LVDT.
  • Models with Vertical or Horizontal dial indicator


W-ACT is a new WEINGRILL motorized valve. W-ACT can be used where ever a fine flow modulation and valve opening repeatability is required. An example of application is as a component in the dilution system for cross control of the basis weight profile on headboxes.

  • Complete reduction of dead areas causing fiber deposits in the valve.
  • Low headlosses through the valve due to straight flow path.
  • High regulation range from 0° to 90°.
  • High resolution for fine adjustments.
  • Four different valve sizes.
  • Valve actuator with electric gear motor, with incorporated electric limit switches for max and min opening control.
  • Position feedback with potentiometer sensor.


  • Designed to operate in extremely wet environment.
  • Compact unit.
  • High reliability and safe operations.
  • Easy installation and reduced maintenance.
  • Complete stainless steel construction.
  • Air rides operation.
  • Stroke: 10 or  15 mm.
  • Installation with support parallel or perpendicular to doctor axis.
  • Accessories:
    Doctor support with oscillating bushings.
    Articulated couplings.


  • Automatic reciprocating air motors are normally used in those applications where a reciprocating forth and back motion at variable speed is required.
  • Automatic reciprocating air motors have been developed more than 20 years ago and are still used in many different industrial applications.
  • Double acting cylinder actuated by a valve system which alternatively feed both sides of the cylinder, using its motion to generate impulse.
  • Suitable for doctors or shower oscillation.
  • Air supply, do not need of electrical power.
  • Versions: - Stainless Steel execution for wet applications.
    - Steel/aluminum and bronze execution for high temperature applications.
  • Three different sizes.
  • Strokes: fixed: 9.5 – 15 – 20 mm, adjustable from 60 to 700 mm.
  • Motors operated by filtered slightly lubricated compressed air, max. pressure 0.5 MPa.
  • Operating temperature: up to 120°C.
  • Motors are equipped with pressure port to check effective operating pressure.
  • Accessories:
    - Articulated joint.
    - Fixed support.
    - Pivoting support (for stroke above 100 mm).
    - Motor stop alarm device.


  • Suitable for applications where high axial sliding capacity and perfect load alignment are required.
  • Operating performances.
  • High reliability and safe operations.
  • Easy installation and reduced maintenance.
  • Low friction coefficient.
  • Self-alignment: ax. 3° in all directions.
  • Versions:
    - Type “A”: Stainless Steel execution (on request, with bronze ball bushing) for wet applications, max. temperature: 70 °C.
    - Type “B”: Steel execution for high temperature applications (max. 130°C).
    - Other executions and types on request.
  • Internal balls in Stainless Steel for wet applications.


Suitable for applications where a rotational to linear movement transformation is required, for example the forth and back doctor movement.

  • Versions:
    - Stainless Steel execution for wet applications.
    - Steel and Bronze execution for high temperature applications.
  • Dimensioned according to ISO shafts.
  • Other executions and types on request.
  • Bearings are supplied pre-lubricated.


Weingrill Stainless Steel pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders have been designed and manufactured over the years and are used in many different industrial applications.

  • Manufactured entirely with stainless materials (AISI 316/630 and Bronze).
  • Sizing and execution according to ISO standards or according to Customer request.
  • Single or double acting.
  • Boring from 40 to 300 mm.
  • Max. operating pressure: air 1 MPa, oil 7 MPa.
  • Rod with diameter on request.
  • Max. operating temperature up to 70°C, special up to 120°C.
  • Execution: square heads, with tie rods or cylindrical housing.
  • Clamping: flanged, with feet or floating with pins and articulated joints.
  • Metrics or imperial dimensions.
  • Special types: double rod, double piston, tandem, telescopic, high pressure.


  • Realized in a compact and reliable assembly
  • Wide range of rope length compensation.
  • The electro welded steel structure give high resistance, eliminate deformations and provide a perfect trolley sliding.
    • Pulleys in painted cast iron with bearings.
    • Moving trolley supporting the pulley is driven by pneumatic cylinders.
    • Double acting cylinders provide rope stretch control and stabilizing counter pressure.
    • Models with different strokes, for double or single rope.
    • Vertical or horizontal installation.
    • Accessories:
      - Maximum rope stretch detecting device.


  • Tail cutting and threading system.
  • Fully automated cutting and threading sequence.
  • Safety protections and electric block to prevent access to cutting blades during operations.
    • Tail break with teethed blade.
    • Tail thread with adjustable air jets.
    • Separated pushbutton box for tail breaker operation.
    • Dedicated control box with based on PLC with display and keyboard which allow setting of sequences and timing directly on field.
    • Power and air cut off when safety barrier are open.
    • Complete system, pre-tested at Weingrill facilities, ready to be installed.