Weingrill Screw Jacks

Weingrill Screw Jacks have been used by the thousands for over 40 years in the most varied industrial applications with excellent functional and durability results. They represent a rational and reliable solution for maintaining precise load position for indefinite time.

Weingrill is certified ISO 9001 since September 1997.

This site is intended to suggest the correct Jack determination according to application requirements.
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Weingrill technical department is at your disposal for any detail or support.

Sizes and Characteristics

Sizes are available from 0.5 to 150 Ton.
A wide selection of types and models, high availability of ratios and Screw pitches, strokes on request assure a considerable range of selection and application.
Screw Jacks are manufactured in the standard configuration Upright/Inverted Translating Screw with male, female Screw end or top plate, Upright/Inverted Rotating Screw with flanged nut.
We do not have standard Work Screw length and each Screw Jack is manufactured following specific requirements.

Intermediate sizes, special ratios and pitches are also available in addition to ones listed in this catalogue.

Screw Jacks are produced with the following characteristics:

  • Trapezoidal Work Screw or Ball Screw.
  • Worm Screw or two pinions Bevel Gears.
  • Manual or motor operation.
  • Combined with hydraulic cylinders.
  • Special types for tailored applications.
  • Imperial unit versions.
Standard execution foreseen screw jacks with Work Screw and Worm Screw with RIGHT thread. On request screw jack worm screw can be LEFT thread.

NOTE: Units are not to be used for personnel support or movement.